Subject of rental terms

  • It is agreed that the vehicle(s) will be returned by the renter to Maiers Golfcarts undamaged, i.e. in the condition in which it was handed over to the renter, at the end of the contracted period. In order to determine that the vehicle is undamaged, Maiers Golfcarts shall have photographic documentation of the vehicle prior to rental. In order to establish that the vehicle is delivered to the renter, the renter undertakes to confirm in writing that the undamaged and functional vehicle has been properly handed over to him/her on the occasion of the takeover.
  • Should any damage occur to the vehicle during the period of provision, it will be brought for repair at the end of the contract period at the expenses of the renter. The renter acknowledges that delivery and collection is only possible by standard truck, which means that a suitable ramp or a forklift including driver must be provided by the renter, unless an additional agreements regarding delivery and collection has been agreed.
  • The renter is also responsible for the proper loading and unloading of the truck and assumes all costs should damage occur.
  • The renter undertakes to carry out maintenance work in accordance with the maintenance list issued to him (valid from a rental period of 4 weeks). For any damage that occurs to the vehicle because this maintenance work has not been carried out or the vehicles have been used contrary to the usual use by the transferee, the latter is liable for the repair costs incurred.
  • For battery-powered vehicles, there is no range guarantee on part of the rental company.


Insurance and damages

  • The transferee of the rental vehicle acknowledges that the vehicle, as it is handed over to him, is not registered for road traffic.
  • There is no liability insurance coverage or similar for the vehicle.
  • Therefore the renter is liable for all damages resulting from the use of the object of the contract during the term of the contract.
  • In case of total loss or theft, the current list sales price +20% failure costs will be charged.


Payment targets

  • The rental contract will be valid as soon as the agreed costs of rental and transport have been received on the account of Maiers Golfcarts, unless there is no additional agreement regarding the date of payment. Furthermore, Maiers Golfcarts reserves the right to block the value of the vehicle by means of the renter's credit card.



  • The vehicle remains the property of Maiers Golfcarts during the duration of the present rental contract.
  • The renter undertakes to return the vehicle to Maiers Golfcarts at any time after the end of the contract period.

Adaptations or modifications to the vehicle

  • The transferee commits not to carry out any modifications or adaptations of any kind to the vehicle. Any costs resulting from such changes to the vehicle contrary to the agreement has to be paid by the renter.
  • In addition, the application of stickers and adhesive tapes is expressly prohibited. In case of disregard, the entire pasted parts will be replaced and charged.