Golfcart galerie

Here you will find a variety of golf cart pictures that have already been sold. Find your ideal golf cart and contact us if you are looking for a classic golf cart, a utility vehicle, a people carrier or a special vehicle.

The classic golf cart is mostly used by golf clubs and private persons on golf courses, our range of utility vehicles and people carriers are of particular interest to municipalities, funeral homes, gardener and tree nursery, hotels and inns, amusement parks, zoos, animal parks, industry, campsites and other tourism facilities.

The pictures here illustrate a variety of possibilities that Maiers Golfcarts can offer you. We try to find a suitable vehicle for you, no matter if it is a used golf cart or a new vehicle. According to the customers wishes, we offer all golf cart special conversions, colour paintwork or other individual accessories.

The classic golf cart: You are looking for a golf cart for the golf courses or simply to be mobile in private life - this is the right place for you!

The people transport: If you want to transport more than 2 persons, then you will find golf carts with seats for up to 8 persons right here!

The utility vehicles: Whether compact golf cart with a small loading area or closed utility vehicle bodies with a payload up to 1250kg, you will find a variety of utility vehicles here.

The special vehicles: You need special requirements and look for a golf cart off the norm, here you will find a variety of vehicles already converted by Maiers Golfcarts with special conversions.